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Collaboration between the Chapman School faculty, staff, administration and many community-based organizations has resulted in the successful coordination of several programs. These programs are targeted to meet the needs of all students at Chapman School. These "Special Programs" include the following:

Title 1

The Title I program at Chapman Elementary School is a school-wide project. The staff uses a collaboration model to offer extra help to students who are not performing at the academic level of other students their age. The collaboration model provides a forum where teacher and support staff discuss, plan and implement programs to meet the needs of our students. Learn more about the Title 1 Programs.


The Resource Specialist Program at Chapman Elementary School is designed to assist students who have difficulty in the areas of reading, math, and written language. Specifically developed curriculum is used to provide students with alternative methods of learning and performing in the classroom.

Instruction can be delivered one-on-one, small group, or in the classroom. RSP teachers are flexible and capable of instructing, both in the classroom, or through a pull out program.

The Resource Specialist is available for consultation with other teachers in the area of assessment, instruction, behavioral questions, or curriculum adaptation.

Speech & Language

The Speech and Language Specialist identifies, diagnoses, and treats students with problems in the areas of articulation, language development, as well as those students who stutter or have voice disorders. Students are seen from 1-3 times per week in pullout sessions, or in the regular classroom.

English Language Development

English Language Development (ELD) is provided by students’ teachers during a designated time in their classroom. A Title I teacher provides focused support for students at the emerging level, along with ELPAC test practice and preparation in the Spring
Desarrollo del idioma inglés (ELD) es proporcionado por los maestros de los estudiantes durante un tiempo designado en su salón de clases.Un maestro de Título I brinda apoyo enfocado a los estudiantes en el nivel emergente, junto con práctica de exámenes y preparación para el ELPAC en la primavera.

Reading Pals

Reading Pals is a community based, non-profit literacy program in Chico, CA. Reading Pals is a program of the North Valley Community Foundation located at 240 Main Street in Downtown Chico. Learn more about Reading Pals.

Second Step & PIP

Violence prevention and school success are priorities at Chapman, and the students benefit from a variety of prevention programs that are designed to give them the skills they need to be successful interpersonally as well as academically.

The Second Step violence prevention program is offered weekly in all of the kindergarten to third grade classrooms and in several of the upper grade classrooms. The lessons are provided by the school psychologist and a child guidance aide who spend from 20 to 35 minutes a week per class delivering lessons in empathy, problem solving, impulse control, and anger management through discussions and role playing. The program was made possible through grant funds provided by the early mental health initiative (EMHI).

The primary intervention program (PIP) is also available at Chapman elementary, and is also funded by EMHI. Selected students in grades kindergarten to third grade spend 30 minutes per week for 12 weeks in the PIP playroom with a 'special friend', a trained child guidance aide. PIP helps students bond with school and become comfortable with the school experience, particularly students who are undergoing transitions, are shy, or have other stressors.
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