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Counseling Program

The mission of the Chico Unified School District Elementary School Counseling Program is to provide comprehensive and data-driven academic, career exploration, and social/emotional services to promote active lifelong learning while celebrating diversity.

At Chapman we provide classroom guidance, group counseling, and individual counseling. Our counselor, Heather Kredo, is trained specifically in School Counseling. She holds a Masters degree in Counseling as well as a Pupil Personnel Services Credential. One of the goals of the Chapman Elementary School Counseling Program is to provide a safe and collaborative school environment for all students, staff and parents. We want to ensure all students are successful learners and possess life skills such as problem-solving, understanding and empathy. 
If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know! You can reach Heather at 891-3100 Ext. 63116 or through email: 

Primary Intervention Program

The primary intervention program (PIP) is a great resource for our younger students. Selected students in grades kindergarten to third grade spend 30 minutes per week for 12 weeks in the PIP playroom with a 'special friend', a trained child guidance specialist. PIP helps students bond with school and become comfortable with the school experience. Our guidance specialist is Jasmine Lopez, she is specifically trained in PIP and a wonderful asset to our program.
If you need to reach Jasmine, you can call 891-3100 or email her at 

Classroom Guidance

Toolbox Curriculum
Toolbox curriculum is taught in all elementary schools and supports all children in understanding and managing their emotions. Our Toolbox is taught by our guidance specialist from transitional kindergarten to third grade. The curriculum teaches 12 simple tools for self-awareness, relationship-building, and self-management, which fosters responsible decision making.
Second Step 
Second Step is taught in most elementary schools and teaches social-emotional learning skills such as empathy, emotion management and problem-solving. Our Second Step is taught by our school counselor to the 4th and 5th grades. 

Are you a student, parent, or community member? Keep in touch with us: